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We have several bookshelves in our house.  Most of them are built-in pieces but I only have two to call my own. 

The first is in our living room and holds some of my TBR pile including many issues of comics I need to catch up on.  One day soon I should organize it so it doesn’t look so cluttered.

Last weekend though, I made progress on a goal I created during October’s Muse Online Writing Conference.  In my little office where I go about the business of writing (sending out/keeping track of submissions, writing query letters, and I usually write my blog posts here) is a bookcase that once belonged to my grandfather. 

When we moved it lost a shelf pin.  I’ve not been able to use more than one shelf because of the missing pin.  Last weekend I went to Lowe’s and got a replacement pin.  The bookcase is older than me but the replacement pin looks like the original pins – just shinier.  Now I can have my writing magazines nearby.

Is there anything you’ve been putting off lately with your writing?  Or the business of writing?

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  1. Your bookcase sounds lovely. What a nice family treasure.

    I’ll admit that I had been putting off organizing my to-do list. I find over time, the to-do list becomes congested and confusing and begins to not serve its purpose. Thankfully, I reorganized and prioritized, so hopefully that will keep me in check until the next time I have to exert some control! So far so good…

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