Secrets to Happiness by Sarah Dunn

Secrets to Happiness

About Secrets to Happiness
It’s hard to resist that cover, isn’t it?  That dog knows bliss.  In Secrets to Happiness, Holly Frick was dumped by her ex-husband a year ago and she hasn’t gotten over him.  Her best friend is ready to have an affair and makes Holly meet the man.  Holly has been contacted by an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend to get relationship advice.  Holly is bound to be an expert on him since her published novel features a thinly disguised version of the ex-boyfriend as one of the main characters. 

People at work who saw me reading this book would ask, “What are the secrets to happiness?”  Life, and most novels, rarely have simple answers to that question.   For Holly, the journey begins by sleeping with a 22-year-old and adopting a dog with cancer. 

Secrets to Happiness is a roller coaster of events during a time when Holly decides she must move forward with her life.  The people in her circle push and pull her forward – just because she’s made the decision doesn’t mean she’s going to willingly get on with her life every step of the way.  Holly Frick could be one of my peers.  She’s smart, funny, well-intentioned, self-aware, a concerned friend and a little bit selfish. 

Dunn did a great job bringing the characters to life.  For many of them it felt like they had a past alongside their present.  This is a humorous tale of a woman’s journey to get to a good point in her life.

About Sarah Dunn
Sarah Dunn has moved from Los Angeles to New York five times, and from New York back to Los Angeles four times, which means, at the moment, she is happily residing in New York.  Her first novel, The Big Love, has been translated into 23 languages.  You can visit Sarah online at her site


  1. This book is new to me, though several years ago I read The Big Love at the recommendation of a friend who knows Dunn. Thanks for this review – and for your comments at my blog. Glad to meet a fellow writer/reader!

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