Abiding Hope and Love Giveaway and Excerpts

Abiding Hope and Love

Connie Arnold has graciously provided a signed copy of Abiding Hope and Love for one of my lucky readers.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment between now and Wednesday, April 29th at 11:30pm Eastern to let me know of your interest.  This is open to international postal addresses.  The winner will be picked using the randomizer available at random.org. 

Here are two poems from the collection – “Melody and Harmony” and “Love Can”.

Melody and Harmony

Hope filled
Joy is spilled
Calming, insightful, creative, delightful

Love unites
Thrills and excites
Pleasant, blending, never ending


Love Can

Love can put a smile on your face,
Can make this world a better place.

Love can chase away hate and fear,
Can make another seem more dear.

Love can never be bought or sold,
Can make you feel younger once you grow old.

Love can bring great happiness,
Can take away pain and loneliness.

Love can make the spirit feel light,
Can lighten a load and make the day bright.

Love can unselfishly give and not take,
Can do what is best for another’s sake.

Love can share each and everything,
Can offer the best that life can bring.


  1. Thank you for sharing the poems, Amber, and giving your readers the opportunity to win a copy of Abiding Hope & Love. Good luck to each of you leaving a comment!

  2. My favorite verses in Love Can were:

    Love can unselfishly give and not take
    Can do what is best for another’s sake.

    Great poem!

    Always, in all ways, to God the nonor and glory!

  3. I love the two poems posted above. I would like to win “Abiding Hope And Love” by Connie Arnold. Thanks for considering me.

  4. I like both poems, but esp Love Can. I think because for some reason it made me think of my cousin who today started her second round of chemo.
    Thanks for posting it.

  5. Brenda, you are so right, to God be all honor and glory always!

    Helen, I’m so sorry about your cousin undergoing chemo. Those facing such difficulties in life and their loved ones certainly need the reassurance of love.

    Geri, I’m so glad you enjoyed Love Can!

  6. Hope each of you will stop by my website when you get a chance. I have an inspirational poetry blog and just added a new poem, plus there is additional information as well as excerpts from Abiding Hope & Love.

  7. Please enter me. My Mom could read a poem or two at her monthly ladies meetings at church.

  8. Every poem in which Connie pens is absolutely beautiful. The words make the poem come alive! You can feel the love in her poetry. You can feel her heart in her poetry. You can feel the joy in her soul. I have never read poetry which inspires me as much as Connie’s. What an awesome talent you have. I am blessed to have found you in this vast world wide web.

    God bless!

  9. Jason, thanks for coming by to read and comment.

    Paula, that would be so lovely for your mom to read poems for the ladies at church!

    Valerie, thank you so much for your sweet, beautiful comment!

  10. Love can chase away hate and fear,
    Can make another seem more dear.

    Amber, I enjoy reading Connie’s thought-provoking poems. It’s in the verses above that I see we can’t let hate and fear win. I believe even with an overload of horrible, depressing news stories lately, I believe that for many of us–loving one another is still what is truly important in this world. Connie Arnold’s words in her poems are just that sweet reminder.

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