Introduction to Vern and Grace

I wanted to take a moment of your time to introduce you to Vern and Sister Grace, the stars of Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.

Vern is your average North African Faerie Wyvern with a not-so average lifestyle.

Immortal and androgynous, he and his kind are no more evil than any other natural phenomenon. In fact, they’re rather preferable to many natural phenomena; as Vern would tell you, he never wantonly destroyed anyone’s property or took anyone’s life–unless he was hungry, or had been provoked, or (just on occasion) if it would be funny. Most of the time, as long as the locals treated him with respect, tossed him a cow when he came calling, and left his treasure alone, he was a benevolent neighbor. Can you expect similar treatment from a hurricane?

Around 870  years ago, the Faerie St. George trapped Vern in a holy spell. By the time the saintly mage knight was done, Vern was little larger than a gila monster, with no fire, no flight and just enough of his former knowledge to speak Latin and understand most aspects of human life. St. George the told him he could earn back all his former abilities and regain his dragon glory by serving God and Man through the Faerie Catholic Church. He started as the Pope’s pet, became his bodyguard and advisor, been a scribe, a convent watch-dragon, served as a warrior for the Church, and pulled a plow for a monastery farm. When the Gap opened between Mundane and Faerie, he felt a calling to come to our dimension. Now he’s living in an old warehouse on the seedy side of Los Logos which also holds to office of Dragon Eye, PI. He’s a professional problem-solver, no job too big or two little, wisdom of eternity, knowledge of the ages, virginity verified…you know the drill. Flights extra. Saving the multiverse, lots extra.


Sister Grace is a High Church Mage with Faerie Our Lady of the Miracles (FOLM). She stands not much higher than five feet, has eyes the metallic blue of the calm Mediterranean and hair of a silvery red color that few have ever seen and (since she keeps it tucked under her wimple) few ever will. She entered the FOLM as a child, both because of her sincere desire to follow the Lord and because of her unusually strong natural magical talent., which is channeled through her beautiful but not-quite-human voice. Her first years at the convent were spent in seclusion and strict training until her abilities were well harnessed to God’s will. She has taught others and served in several magical capacities, including proelium ecclesiae, or “Defender of the Church.” This is an assignment she does not talk much about, but it was after this last duty that she took a sabbatical to move across the Gap and study Mundane religious music. She attends Little Flower Catholic Church, and Father Rich coaxed her into serving as cantor. After working with Vern to defeat a beast summoned by an inchanted song, she became a partner in Dragon Eye Private Detective Agency. She lives in the warehouse with Vern, where she has her own “workshop” and has gotten her private investigators’ license. Together, they’ve saved our world and Faerie several times.  As Vern would say, “It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


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