Bloggiesta Finish Line

Pedro and his friends are done with Bloggiesta!  I’m not sure how they made it across the finish line with the weekend we had.  Friday was the giveaway for Liza Palmer’s A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents.  I also listened to her radio interview and called in with questions.  That afternoon I completed the… Continue reading Bloggiesta Finish Line

Starting Bloggiesta

Last night I made a list of all the things I want to accomplish during Bloggiesta.  They fall under three different categories: Book Reviews, Interviews and Story of the Month.   I have the day off work and it started with sleeping in until 8am.  The Resident Corgi was not an early riser this morning. … Continue reading Starting Bloggiesta

Bloggiesta This Weekend

Last year I participated in Bloggiesta.  I got a lot done but wanted to do more.  I wasn’t prepared for all the bloggy-goodness mini challenges.   This year it’s three days long and I have Friday off work to start marking Bloggiesta items off my to do list.  The Resident Corgi has an appointment at the groomer… Continue reading Bloggiesta This Weekend

Bloggiesta Is Coming Next Month!

The holidays aren’t over and I’ve realized Bloggiesta is sneaking up on us.  What is Bloggiesta?  It’s basic a blogging marathon for bloggers of all types.  Last year I created a favicon for my site, created a review policy page, and added plugins – including one to backup the WordPress database! Natasha Maw at Maw Books Blog hosts… Continue reading Bloggiesta Is Coming Next Month!

Bloggiesta Summary

 Here’s my list of things I wanted to get done.  Items crossed off have been completed. Finish adding WordPress Plugins. (SEO Optimization and a mirror for LiveJournal are the two I had to finish.) Finish writing reviews.  (That Went Well, The Trap, The Patriot Witch, King Titus, Dead Witch Walking, and Death’s Daughter.) Finish my… Continue reading Bloggiesta Summary

Bloggiesta Goals

Here is my list of items to accomplish during Bloggiesta.  Keep your fingers crossed for me! Finish adding WordPress Plugins. (SEO Optimization and a mirror are two of them.) Finish writing reviews.  (That Went Well, The Trap, The Patriot Witch, King Titus, and Dead Witch Walking to start.) Finish my blog tour/book review policy page.… Continue reading Bloggiesta Goals

Bloggiesta Begins

Have you met Pedro?  (Plan.  Edit.  Develop.  Review.  Organize.)  Isn’t he cute?   Because I’m at work today and have an engagement party tonight I will spend most of Friday planning what I want to accomplish.  I had an idea before but I didn’t make an actual list and I want to see how the mini-challenges… Continue reading Bloggiesta Begins

Bloggiesta Ole!

Natasha of Maw Books Blog came up with the idea to hold Bloggiesta next week from Friday through Sunday to have 48 hours of time to update blogs.  You don’t have to be a book blogger to participate!  While I won’t have the 48 hours available to me due to prior commitments, I will spend… Continue reading Bloggiesta Ole!