Mid-Year Tally

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An acquaintance of mine gave a mid-year tally of her publications, writings, movies watched, books read, etc. and it inspired me to look at the numbers for my year. 

  • read 7 books
  • saw 58 movies
  • wrote 5 book reviews
  • wrote 2 poems
  • wrote 35 short stories (most still in first draft stage)

I found I am poor at keeping track of such things.  My husband generally keeps track of my movies for me.  For the remainder of the year I will need to do a better job of tracking my read books.  I won’t even attempt to keep track of the short stories I’ve read.  Since creating the tally I’ve read two more books and added them to a Word document that has the books I can remember reading this year.  See?  Already I’m doing a better job! 

Prior to last year’s move I had over 125 books in my “to be read” (TBR) pile.  I’m starting to work on that pile though it goes ever so slowly.  It wasn’t built in a day though, so I have no illusions that it will disappear in a day, or a week, or even a few months. 

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