Fund Drive, Giveaways and a Raffle for Readers

Writers (and readers) are very giving people.  I regularly donate to an organization that helps make it possible for homeless Corgis with medical costs to get the needed medical attention before finding a new home.  CorgiAid just had their 2008 auction and the results are still being totaled.  Lisa Scottoline is owned by a Corgi (it’s unusual for us to own them) and donated an autographed copy of her book Dirty Blonde to this year’s auction.  I can’t wait to hear how much has been raised with this year’s auction.  CorgiAid was presented with Pedigree’s 2007 Best Breed Rescue Fundraising Program award.  This year, partially due to the awareness created by Pedigree, we’ve been able to raise over $18,000.00 for Corgis that need assistance.

Last night it occurred to me that there are inexpensive ways to obtain books that a few of you may find interesting.  I thought there were more fund raisers and raffles happening right now but I was wrong.  Most of the links are for giveaways.

Strange Horizons is holding their annual fund drive until June 30th.  They are an electronic publication geared toward speculative fiction that pays professional rates.  Anyone who donates during the fund drive is entered into the drawings for some cool fund drive prizes.  If you like what is being published then let them know.

Lisa Damian is giving away a copy of Stephenie Meyer’s newest book, The Host.  All you need to do is leave a comment on her blog post about the giveaway between now and June 21st.

If that isn’t enough Stephenie Meyer for you, MAW Books is holding a giveaway for all of Stephanie Meyer’s books.  Five people could win a copy of The Host.  The lucky winner of the grand prize would be able to catch up on Twilight before the movie release date.  Entries are accepted until June 30th and there are multiple ways to enter.

Each Monday Katrina Stonoff has a book giveaway.  The book for Monday is Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer.  If you’re interested, leave a comment on Katarina’s blog by Sunday noon PST and she will draw names on Monday.

If your reading tastes are geared towards other genres there is a potpourri (mostly religious) of books available on Joyce Anthony’s web site.  The Arkansas church of Lacresha Hayes had damage from the storms and the money raised from the raffle is for her church family.  Each drawing in the raffle is $1 and garners an entry to win a box of autographed books including several books written by Lacresha.


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