A Month of Letters – Update #3

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A Month of Letters challenge is once again underway. The idea is to send out mail for each day the postal service runs. The kicker is replying to anything you receive.

The third week I received more mail than I sent out. Below is what I sent:

  • 2/19/14 – I sent off some medical supplies to a doctor’s office to use for training classes.
  • 2/20/14 – A short post card to friend in Wisconsin.

I was surprised this week with a post card and two letters in my mailbox. The post card was from my Mary Kay Beauty Consultant/wife of a former co-worker just to say “Hi”. Letters came from Suey of It’s All About Books… and my buddy, Rhonda Parrish.

By my count I’m at 22 items sent and need to send out 3 replies.

If you write letters, what is your favorite part? Picking out stationary/notecards, reflection while writing the letter, looking at the pretty stamps, finding them in your mailbox? Do tell!

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