Some Nifty Reminder Tools

Writers and readers alike are always looking for tools that will help them stay organized.  The variety available is endless.  Some are for specific things like shared calendars or birthday/anniversary reminders.  I found out about three recently but haven’t put any of them in action.  Here they are in alphabetical order: – You can email your reminders or send them through Twitter to the site.  It works with Google calendars, Outlook, and other programs to send reminders via to your PDA or cell phone. 

LibraryElf – Can’t remember when your library books are due?  Do you check out items for more than one person on your card?  Or want to keep track of all the items due for your kids too?  Do you belong to more than one library system?  You can keep track of what’s due, what’s ready for pickup and what’s overdue.  Seems very convenient and there are a lot of library systems available.  The Cleveland Public Library even has a link to it on their web site.

Remember the Milk – They recently celebrated their third anniversary so they have a little bit of longevity behind them.  The site allows you to make lists and get reminders via email or instant messenger.  You can share and send your tasks to other people.  Reminders or tasks can be added through phone or email.

Do you have any favorite tools to help you stay organized?

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