A Month of Letters – Update #2

Posted in Event at 10:56 am by Amber

A Month of Letters challenge is once again underway. The idea is to send out mail for each day the postal service runs. The kicker is replying to anything you receive.

The second week I sent out more mail. My Valentine of choice to friends was a Harry Potter card which included a bookmark.

  • 2/10/14 – 2 Valentines.
  • 2/11/14 – A Thank You card for a former co-worker who gave me a “farewell” card with a Tim Hortons gift card inside. 1 post card for the postcrossing event in Portugal. 8 Harry Potter Valentines to friends. And Valentines to my in-laws and parents after buying the cards at the grocery store. (The post office was next door and I had stamps on me.)

That’s a total of 14 items for the week. How is your Month of Letters coming along?

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