To Your Dog’s Health by Mark Poveromo

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Title: To Your Dog’s Health
Author: Mark Poveromo
Publisher: Poor Man’s Press
Printed: as part of The Tree Neutral Program
Source: Lisa Roe, Online Publicist

To Your Dog's Health Cover

My husband and I are eating better than we were 10 years ago so it’s no surprise I’d be interested in what the Resident Corgi puts into his digestive system.  He ate Science Diet at the humane society.  It’s what the original Resident Corgi ate but I wasn’t entirely happy with it.  So I began searching for something else for the new Corgi.  After Science Diet I fed him one of the Nutro foods and kept finding expired food at the store.  It was discovered a diet high in corn meal or corn gave him dandruff.  Back to the drawing board…

This book is a quick read that explains how to make or pick a nutritious food for your dog.  It would have been a welcome addition when I was doing my research on what to get the Resident Corgi and now it just confirms I was on the right track.  We have an organic dog bakery in town that carries dog food but  it isn’t convenient to get to with regularity.  Our neighborhood store (it has three locations in the city) offers raw food and none of the mass market food brands like Pedigree or Science Diet.

The Resident Corgi is allowed to have “junk food” as snacks once in a while but his food and a majority of his treats are all organic.  To be honest, his diet is better than ours!

Poveromo is not a dietitian and doesn’t claim to be an expert in animal nutrition.  He writes from his own experiences and some of it is common sense.  For example, when switching from one food to another, do it gradually; it’s less likely to upset your canine’s tummy.  No food is 100% perfect and it’s okay to provide supplements to boost the immune system.  Isn’t that why we take multi-vitamins ourselves? 

I probably won’t use any of the recipes in the book – I don’t even cook for two people every day of the week.  And they’d probably be more helpful if they were scaled down to what to feed 10lb dogs.  Then each ingredient could be multiplied to the weight of the dog.  I’m not good at math but I’d likely make the recipe for a 70lb dog and divide it up for 2 weeks (the Resident Corgi is about 30lbs).  I have been known to make dog treats from time to time and this book will allow me to give the ingredients a more critical eye.

What’s nice is Poveromo doesn’t recommend or push any one specific brand in his book.  It truly gives the reader informaiton to think about and consider when choosing to make their dog’s food or buying a processed food.

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