Pecha Kucha Night Part 1

I spent the evening at Landmark’s Gateway Theater for Pecha Kucha Night.  It was my first time at the event and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It seems the format for the evening is always the same but the venue and presenters change the audience.  Some people were dressed up and others were in shorts and a t-shirt.  It was a good mixture of ages too.

The event itself is two hours long inlcuding an intermission.  Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds, giving the person 6 minutes and 40 seconds of time to talk about the chosen topic.  Greeters at the door welcomed everyone and informed them about signing the guest book if interested in volunteering, presenting or being added to the mailing list.  Audience members then walked into a cloud of techno music!  The DJ did the music before the event and during the intermission.  I didn’t notice if it started up again when the night was done.  People chatted afterwards and were encouraged to pick up cards from the presenters on their way out.

Chairs were setup very nicely in front of a projector screen.  By nicely, I don’t mean rows upon rows of chairs in a sterile straight line.  Five or so chairs were lined up and the next row was lined up hapharzardly behind it.  The middle aisle was large.  Along the perimeter were some taller tables and a bar was available in the back.  Part of the event is geared towards networking and socializing but if you’re shy you don’t have to talk to anyone. 

Here is a list of tonight’s presenters and their topics:

  • Kyle Ezell / City Planning / Changing the Culture, Transforming American Cities
  • Tom Hubbard / Digital Artist / Carl Jung Quotes and My Art
  • Stasia Czech / Interior Designer / Authenticity
  • Catherine Mehrl Bennett / Artist / Kimono Collection
  • Kevin Bickle / Freestyle Bike Rider  Artist /Freestyle Tricks  Art
  • Lisa Dillman / Food Writer / The Dinner Process
  • Randy Sanders / Tree Farmer  Woodworker / Wood Art
  • Michael Suriano / Architect / Simplexity
  • Jerry Ulibarri / Commercial Artist / Portfolio
  • Ryan Hullinger / Architect /Architecture and Birth

My next post will be about the individual presentations.


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