Kitty and the Silver Bullet

One of Kitty Norville’s guiding principles is her lyncanthropy is a disease and she must live within the confines setup by human society if she’s going to be happy.  The wolf side of her nature has different rules from her human side.  The two sides often conflict leaving Kitty to make some hard choices.  I love it.

In Kitty and the Silver Bullet the one thing that can make Kitty return to Denver has happened.  Her mother, who checks in with Kitty each week via telephone, is ill.  Kitty tries to keep a low profile in Denver but with two of the city’s oldest vampires readying for war to determine which of them will control the city it’s not possible.  She is on friendly terms with one while the other is aligned with her old pack leader.

This time Kitty isn’t alone.  She’s formed a two-wolf pack with Ben.  Every decision she makes can impact her human family, her new pack, and the vampire war.

Here’s a playlist to enjoy with this book:
Billie Holiday, “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”
Shonen Knife, “Milky Way”
Pretenders, “Talk of the Town”
The Clash, “Clash City Rockers”
Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Commotion”
Stephen “Tintin” Duffy, “Kiss Me”
Sinead O’Connor, “You Do Something to Me”
Peggy Lee, “Fever”
Front 242, “The Untold”
The Dresden Dolls, “Missed Me”
The Supremes, “Where Did Our Love Go”
The Beatles, “Hey Bulldog”
Depeche Mode, “Home”

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