Final July Giveaway Post!

It’s nearly the end of July and there’s a push for blog traffic with giveaways in the air! Bloggy Giveaways is holding its Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Giveaway Carnival.  Normally they post a site a day that is giving away something.  Let me tell you… the giveaway items for this carnival are all across the board.  I’ve seen… Continue reading Final July Giveaway Post!

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More July Giveaways!

I came across more book giveaways that are taking place this month that may be of interest to some of my visitors.  Until July 21st you can win copies of Frank McCourt’s books Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis.  All you need to do is comment on the blog entry at MAW Books.  ‘Tis is still on… Continue reading More July Giveaways!

More Giveaways!

You may recall my last post about book giveaways included The Host by Stephanie Meyer.  Her publisher, Hachette Books Group USA, is doing a Summer Reads Giveaway of fourteen books.  That should keep you busy the rest of the summer!  You can sign up for entries on Trish’s blog.  The contest ends on July 12th so… Continue reading More Giveaways!

Fund Drive, Giveaways and a Raffle for Readers

Writers (and readers) are very giving people.  I regularly donate to an organization that helps make it possible for homeless Corgis with medical costs to get the needed medical attention before finding a new home.  CorgiAid just had their 2008 auction and the results are still being totaled.  Lisa Scottoline is owned by a Corgi (it’s unusual for… Continue reading Fund Drive, Giveaways and a Raffle for Readers