Pecha Kucha Night Part 3

My other posts about Pecha Kucha can be found here and here. Without further ado here is information on the last half of the presentations: Lisa Dillman / Food Writer / The Dinner Process – Lisa wasn’t always a waitress.  At one time she used to sit in a cubicle creating PowerPoint presentations.  Her presentation… Continue reading Pecha Kucha Night Part 3

Coming Up: Book Blogger Appreciation Week Sept. 15 – 19

  During the week of September 15th to September 19th, My Friend Amy will be holding Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW).  In addition to special drawings for book reviewers, she has a contest planned for readers.  Amy has opened up BBAW Award Nominations.  Nominate your favorite book bloggers for awards until 8/31/2008.  Stop on by… Continue reading Coming Up: Book Blogger Appreciation Week Sept. 15 – 19

Pecha Kucha Night Part 2

The first part of my post about Pecha Kucha Volume 7 in Columbus can be found here.  Soon Part 3 will be posted. One of the wonderful things about Pecha Kucha Night is the variety in the presenters.  Even people who have the same profession approach similar topics differently.  Some of the presenters seemed more… Continue reading Pecha Kucha Night Part 2

Pecha Kucha Night Part 1

I spent the evening at Landmark’s Gateway Theater for Pecha Kucha Night.  It was my first time at the event and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It seems the format for the evening is always the same but the venue and presenters change the audience.  Some people were dressed up and others were in… Continue reading Pecha Kucha Night Part 1

OPPArt (Opportunities for Artists)

Today I spent part of the afternoon at the Greater Columbus Art Council’s offices for one of their OPPArt (Opportunities for Artists) events.  Dawn Friedman, a local freelancer, presented How to Become a Working Artist: What it Takes to Make a Living. Friedman mainly focused on marketing and branding with a few tips thrown in such as “be your… Continue reading OPPArt (Opportunities for Artists)

Terry Moore

The creator of Strangers in Paradise and Echo was here last Thursday as part of the events surrounding the Jeff Smith exhibit at The Wexner Center.  Initially I liked Strangers in Paradise because the women looked real and their story was interesting.  I wasn’t really into superheros anymore and had long given up my fantasy… Continue reading Terry Moore

Jeff Smith

The last few days I’ve been busy at The Wexner Center for the Arts.  In conjunction with the Cartoon Research Library, the galleries have an exhibit of his work side-by-side with his influences.  Friday evening was opening night and Saturday Jeff sat down with Scott McCloud to talk and then they did signings. Show openings are… Continue reading Jeff Smith

Milos Forman

I know… I know… as you’re reading this you are probably wondering if I ever go to any author readings or if I’m just on the sidelines when movie directors come to town.  As a matter of fact, I get to do both; I just haven’t been to an author reading in a while.  Last… Continue reading Milos Forman

David Gordon Green

Last Friday (a week ago) I attended a screening of Snow Angels where the director, David Gordon Green, introduced the film and then took questions afterwards.  I often recommend his movie, Undertow, to other writers that want to get into a literary frame of mind.  Snow Angels is based on the novel of the same name written by Stewart O’Nan. … Continue reading David Gordon Green