Final NaNoWriMo 2013 Update

I did a good job catching up that first week but it was all downhill from there this year. I manged to write 11912 words altogether.

My plan is to finish up the story for my niece and nephews before it’s time to go on next year’s beach vacation. That way they’ll have something to read which will get them in the mood for it. Not that they need any additional help in getting pepped up for a beach house vacation but you know what I mean. 🙂

I spent quite a bit of the month watching Orange is the New Black. Have you read the memoir? That’s on my list of books to read next year.

Niteblade Fundraiser a Success!!

The Indiegogo fundraiser for Niteblade was a rousing success! This was the second annual fundraiser and it raised $604. I’m sure Rhonda will be able to do lots of fun things with the pledges. Someone bid on the theme issue. So December will have a ghost theme! It should be a challenge to pick the poems and stories for the issue.

As for me, I donated $20 for a Ashton Krafton’s Bleeding Hearts goodie package. I received an ebook copy (that’s my Kindle with a stand-up case), a tote bag, t-shirt, bookmarks and magnets. All goodies I’ll put to use.

Bleeding Hearts Package

Mailbox Monday – March 18th

Mailbox Monday

A big thank you to Marcia for originating Mailbox Monday. This weekly meme is now on tour with a new host each month. March’s host is Caitlin of Chaotic Compendiums.

The 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology which features short stories from writers nominated for the John W. Campbell Best New Writer award.

What arrived in your mailbox this week?

A Month of Letters 2013 Wrap-Up

Here are the links to my weekly LetterMo updates:

The challenge is to mail an item daily for each day of postal service in your area. The second part of the challenge is to reply to all the letters you receive.

I did better this year in sending items out, replying to letters, and posting my updates. Last year I mainly wrote to people I knew. This year I added some new people from the LetterMo forums to my address book. Postable seemed like a popular choice for keeping track of mailing addresses although I did not create an account for myself. I did add my address to a few Postable accounts. I made sure each new person I wrote or was hoping to get a letter from had something in common with me. Usually it was an interest such as reading, writing, or yarn crafting. Continue reading A Month of Letters 2013 Wrap-Up

Niteblade Fundraiser – Fantastic!

In 12 days, Niteblade has almost reached the halfway mark of the indiegogo fundraiser. It’s already more money than was made with last year’s fundraiser. I do the interviews for the site and it’s nice to know people like to see what Rhonda, Alexis and the slush readers are doing. My position isn’t a paid one (nor am I looking to make it a paid position) but does pay the poets and fiction writers who are selected for publication.

The goal of $500 is ambitious and like most online fundraising campaigns held through a third party site, if the goal isn’t met then Niteblade doesn’t get the money. Some of the items up for donations include ebooks, art work, books, and writing-related critiques. You may not be interested in horror or fantasy literature, but you may know someone who does. Help spread the word; it’s appreciated. 🙂

A Month of Letters 2013 Update #4

Lettermo is no more but the spirit lives on.

This week I mostly sent letters:

  • Michelle Obama
  • Mary Robinette Kowal – I received her reply to my first letter this week so I sent her a reply.
  • An introductory letter to a UK Lettermo participant.
  • An introductory postcard to a US Lettermo participant.
  • Replies to Beth Cato, Rhonda Parrish, and a third Lettermo participant.
  • Girls Love Mail – I sent a small package with three letters.
  • A birthday present for my niece.

As of today I have mailed 25 items, received 14 Achievements and have an achievement score of 140.

In last week’s update I mentioned some people have mailed hundreds of items and pondered how much was spent in postage. One person was kind enough to share his statistics for the month. In February he sent out 56 cards and spent about $33.40 in postage. He received 23 pieces of mail which I think is a wonderful number. At the end of January he sent out 14 items which may have helped increase what he received.

My mailed items went to:

  1. Alberta, Canada
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Southampton, United Kingdom
  4. California, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington D.C, and Wisconsin.

Next week I’ll have a wrap-up post.


Upcoming Niteblade Fundraiser

Niteblade will have their second annual fundraiser next month starting on March 1st. Last year Niteblade raised $108.78. I handle interviews for Niteblade as a volunteer. We’re all volunteers.

This year Rhonda Parrish will be using IndieGoGo to run the campaign. Do you have anything you want to donate to the fundraiser? Last year’s donations included books, critiques, knitted items and cookies. Let Rhonda know if you’re interested in donating something. Her email address is rhonda at