NaNoWriMo – What is it? And How is it Pronounced?

What is NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month, known as NaNoWriMo, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this November.  The brainchild of Chris Baty, it began in July 1999 with twenty-one participants.  The writing event was moved to November and the number of participants grew each year.  I think once word spread and internet technology was used for registration it… Continue reading NaNoWriMo – What is it? And How is it Pronounced?

Some Nifty Reminder Tools

Writers and readers alike are always looking for tools that will help them stay organized.  The variety available is endless.  Some are for specific things like shared calendars or birthday/anniversary reminders.  I found out about three recently but haven’t put any of them in action.  Here they are in alphabetical order: – You can email… Continue reading Some Nifty Reminder Tools

The Muse Online Writers Conference is Educational!

My eyes hurt, I’m tired and a callous is forming on my mouse wheel finger.  This is the current cost of The Muse Online Writers Conference this year.  Great, isn’t it? When I first heard of the conference I thought to myself, “It’s online and it’s free.  It’s probably not going to be very good.”  I… Continue reading The Muse Online Writers Conference is Educational!

Upcoming Reviews!

I’ve taken a breakfrom reading the last few days so I can finish my reviews on Dirt: An American Campaign, Any Given Doomsday, and the Twilight Series for the blog.  It feels weird not to be carrying a book around with me. I’m also participating in the Muse 2008 Writers Online Conference.  There’s homework and writing… Continue reading Upcoming Reviews!

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