The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray

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Title: The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity
Editors: Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray
Publisher: Daw Books
Source: Columbus Metropolitan Library

Book cover of The Modern Fae's Guide to Surviving Humanity

What if the fae were still here, living among us? Perhaps living in secret, doing their best to pass for human? Or perhaps their existence is acknowledged, but they’re still struggling to fit in. How have they survived? Are they outcasts clinging to the edges of society, or do their powers ensure success in the mortal realm? Here are fourteen fabulous tales-ranging from humor to dark fantasy-that explore how the creatures of fae are fitting into the modern world.

Here’s another great summer read for these dog days of summer. This collection of short stories has a wide variety of styles and different perspectives on the relationships fae have with humans. Some fae try to blend in, some use their powers to manipulate humans, and at least one has no regard for humans. These stories can easily be read between dips into the pool.

I first read about the project on Palmatier’s blog and followed its progress. The theme of the anthology was broad enough to encompass different types of fae and restrictive enough to let the writers’ creativity fly. It didn’t disappoint.


Dogs Don’t Lie by Clea Simon

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Dogs Don't Lie by Clea SimonTitle: Dogs Don’t Lie
Author: Clea Simon
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Source: NetGalley


Pru Marlowe isn’t your ordinary animal psychic. A tough girl on the run from her own gift, Pru left the big city to return to her picturesque Berkshires hometown looking for a little peace. Too bad that her training as an animal behaviorist got her mixed up with Lily-a rescue dog-and Charles-Lily’s person. Now Charles is dead, and Lily looks good for it. After all, Lily is a pitbull, a fighting ring dropout, and way too traumatized to give Pru a clear picture of what she has witnessed. But Pru knows something about bad girls trying to  clean up, and, with a sense of justice strong enough to overcome her dislike of human society, she takes the case. Listening to the animals, Pru picks up clues-and learns there are secrets in the  pretty little town that make murder look simple. Unable to tell anybody about her psychic abilities, uncertain at times about her own  sanity, Pru comes to realize that if she clears Lily, she’ll likely become the prime suspect-or the next victim. While the only creature she can totally trust is her crotchety tabby Wallis, Pru’s got to uncover the real killer-and find a way to live with her gift-before the real beasts in the town savage her and those she has come to love. The first in the Pru Marlowe “pet noir” series.

Pru’s an animal behaviorist and dog walker who happens to be a natural animal psychic.  She can eavesdrop on their thoughts.  Unfortunately, she can’t confide in anyone how she can be so certain about what she knows. This can complicate things when it comes to solving who killed Charles and bringing the perpetrator to justice.

The animals who assist Pru become unique characters. Some of them are more likable than their human counterparts. The plotting of the mystery will keep the reader guessing until the end. Isn’t that part of the fun of reading a mystery?


Clea Simon is a Massachusetts‑based writer, journalist and a regular contributor to the New York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Ms., Rolling Stone and Salon.com. She’s the author of three nonfiction books, Mad House: Growing Up in the Shadow of Mentally Ill Siblings, Fatherless Women: How We Change After We Lose Our Dads, and The Feline Mystique: On the Mysterious Connection Between Women and Cats. She lives inCambridge, MA, with her husband, the writer Jon S. Garelick, and their cat, Musetta.



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My plan over the weekend was to finish up the Dog Days of Summer reviews and get them scheduled. It’s been in the high 90s and seemed like a good plan to stay out of the heat. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for me.

She sent thunderstorms and high winds to Ohio. I’ll post a before and after picture of my backyard when I get a reliable internet connection. 🙂 We were only without power for a very short time on Friday but we’ve had no cable/phone/internet from Friday until yesterday. And it’s not been reliable. With all the time on my hands I’ve read books and started writing a short story.

Maybe I’ll just have to do my remaining planned reviews longhand.