March 2008

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These statistics are all for short stories or poems.  Book reviews are not included.

  1. Sales in March: 0
  2. Rejections in March: 2
  3. Submissions sent out in March: 0
  4. Total stories/poems pending responses: 4

The two rejections were poems sent to one market.  Pending responses include a flash fiction piece with an expected response time of six months (I sent it out in October 2007), two poems to one market, and a drabble under consideration at one market.


Writing Progress This Week

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A short but intense bout of the flu on Tuesday kept me from one of my writing appointments last week.  Does a 50% average mean I flunk writing for the week?  🙂

There is a lot of “business” behind the writing and it’s easy to get caught up in it.  For instance, on Saturdays I get an email about updated markets from Duotrope and I usually spend 15 to 30 minutes pouring over this email and clicking on links.  It’s easy to get distracted. 

On Sunday I spent some time typing up bits and pieces of three short stories.  Having it all in one place organizes thoughts but can also be a bit of a curse.  A writing prompt I began a few weeks ago has already turned into a short story of over 1000 words.  With the bits and pieces in one place I nearly smacked my head when I thought, “This could easily be the beginning of a novel if I expand this section and turn a minor character into a major one.”  I’m tempted to work on it this week to shape it  up but I may work on a shorter piece first so I can put it to rest before editing it.

It feels good to keep moving forward.


Excuses, Excuses

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There is every excuse not to write and usually not enough for writing.  As imaginative folks, writers can make up new excuses that haven’t been used before.

My excuse this week was company.  During the summer and the fall I never knew when unexpected company would drop in.  The winter months usually make Ohioans go into hibernation or cocoon mode.  It’s rare to see your neighbor – even in the city.  Housekeeping gets a little sloppy.

The coming of spring, though, means it’s time to begin entertaining and having people over again.  Hubby was in whirlwind mode.  I was a little pokey about my half of the chores.  Like a raccoon I get distracted by shiny objects (magazines, books, etc.) and it’s hard for me to stay focused on the task at hand.

Some writing did get done this week but not as much as I had planned.  I’m keeping my writing appointment this week no matter what!


Snow Bound

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The weather forecasters called for snow this past weekend and a winter storm warning.  We received about two feet altogether.  I’m sure other parts of the state received more.

Early Friday morning is when it began to snow.  By Saturday nearly everyone in my neighborhood was stuck inside their homes.  Believe it or not, I really enjoyed it.  Our refrigerator and pantry were stocked earlier in the week.  There was no stress about how to get to work or how to come back if the roads were really bad.  Barely anyone was driving.  Most people were walking in the middle of the streets because not all of the sidewalks were clear. 

Sunday morning we felt the pain of our shoveling endeavors but it was worth it.  It could be years before another storm like this hits Columbus.  I wanted to live in the moment.


Published Book Review and Updates

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The March 2008 issue of Niteblade came out yesterday with my book review of T.C. McMullen’s novel, The Unseen, which is the first book of her Manipulated Evil Series.  Rhonda Parrish put together another great issue.

In other news… Today the ten finalists for the Amazon Break Through Novel Award were announced.  In order to vote you must provide feedback on the selections.  The excerpts for this round are longer so if you gave feedback the first time around you are allowed to provide feedback for this round also.  I know for the semi-finalist round I was overwhelmed by all of the choices to read.  I read several with the intent of letting them brew for a few days before providing feedback and the next thing I knew… it was March.


storySouth Million Writers 2008

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Nominations begin today for the 2008 storySouth Million Writers best short story award and ends March 31st.  Editors can nominate up to three short stories of 1000 words or more that have appeared in their online publication during 2007.  Readers can nominate one short story of 1000 words or more.  Again, the story had to be published online during 2007.  The list of Notable Short Stories will be released on April 15th and the Top Ten will be announced on May 1st.  Actual voting begins May 1st and ends on June 1st.  The winner receives $300.

Nothing of mine is eligible for the award but that shouldn’t prevent you from nominating a short story that was published online in 2007 by someone else.